Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Blog Why Now?

You are supposed to ask yourself "who is your audience" when you are writing something or when you are putting together an exhibition of your work, so that thought is on my mind as I begin this blog. At this point the answer is "my audience is me". I have wanted to write down, or record, or compile - whatever you want to call it - my thoughts and observations and ideas on teaching and education for a long time. If only to keep them all in one place and to have them exist outside of my head.

So this is the beginning then, a place of reflection and thinking, of my teaching, or of books I might be reading, or upon conversations I might be having, or about things that didn't work or did work in my classroom, or upon conferences I have attended. A place to share with others. Even if at first, it is most importantly a place to share with myself. A way to get things down on paper (so to speak).